Back Story: How did we get into #campinglife?

Jacksonville Beach

Here is my (Jeff’s) version on why we decided to buy a truck and trailer, and start traveling.

I caught the flu. I was sick and couldn’t move. God had my full attention. With me down for a week, I noticed some things. The business functioned without me. The family still ate without me cooking every meal. Facebook and Instagram did not miss me at all. (not many people knew I was sick.)

Things I thought were “must do’s” were not so important anymore. What was important was… my family, my prayer life, my attitude, and how I treat others.

What came out of this was the need to be with family, and the need to see outside my little town. So, I looked into the RV World, and what a big world it is! Coaches, trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers… what the heck? I got a little truck… what can I do with this?

Nothing. I found a great deal on a travel trailer, but I have to buy a truck to pull it. What do I do? Yep, I have to go buy a truck too. Last thing, who is going to drive this monster with a 32 foot tail? Yep. I guess it will be me…

Let’s Go!

*Big shout out to @TravelCamp in Savannah GA, helping us get started!

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