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Stabilizers are for stabilizing

I forgot to mention on our last trip, just before take off to go home, our main door was stuck. I couldn’t open it at all, and the girls were inside. I think the trailer shifted earlier from all the wind (a tornado came… Continue Reading “Stabilizers are for stabilizing”

Spending time during this time

Having time to spend time doing things my kids and I both enjoy! I often would tell the kids how much I liked to draw on clothes, and sketch all the time when I was younger, but I never really showed them. With all… Continue Reading “Spending time during this time”

Nashville Trip

Trip to Nashville This trip was extreme on both ends of the spectrum. It was the worst and the best trip so far all wrapped into one awesome learning experience. Here’s how this trip went: Day One: The trip started off great due to… Continue Reading “Nashville Trip”

First Trip: Stone Mountain

So, you have a new trailer, what do you do? Plan a trip! So we all decide that our first trip will be Stone Mountain Campground. Great! *** Disclaimer: We had an absolute great time. Great Memories were made. I LEARNED A LOT. ***… Continue Reading “First Trip: Stone Mountain”

Back Story: How did we get into #campinglife?

Here is my (Jeff’s) version on why we decided to buy a truck and trailer, and start traveling. I caught the flu. I was sick and couldn’t move. God had my full attention. With me down for a week, I noticed some things. The… Continue Reading “Back Story: How did we get into #campinglife?”

New to the camping world…

So this just happened… One day we say, “Let travel and explore”, and then a few days later we have a new truck and a new trailer, but get this, NO EXPERIENCE. Never had a diesel truck. Never driven with a 32 foot trailer.… Continue Reading “New to the camping world…”

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