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Navigate your problems

“Problems are just unborn solutions” -John Maxwell Problems are never easy, and many people deal with their problems in their own way. The ones who seem to get through their problems a lot quicker usually have a slightly different view of what the obstacle… Continue Reading “Navigate your problems”

Stabilizers are for stabilizing

I forgot to mention on our last trip, just before take off to go home, our main door was stuck. I couldn’t open it at all, and the girls were inside. I think the trailer shifted earlier from all the wind (a tornado came… Continue Reading “Stabilizers are for stabilizing”

how to Increase your worth at a time like this

The way you increase your worth in good and bad economies is simple, but very hard for most people achieve. First, note that the amount of money you recieve is directly tied to: the demand for what you do the difficulty of what you… Continue Reading “how to Increase your worth at a time like this”

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Anticipating Procrastination

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